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Legacy Barn

The heart of our farm business

We named it the Legacy Barn because of the family heritage ~ this old barn has been used by different members of the Singer Family since 1915.

In 2010, our newly formed Singer Farm Naturals acquired it, and we got to work transforming this 1840s barn into our retail space.  Our intention was to create a welcoming place to have our farm products available to the public, but also to provide space for other local producers to retail their goods here too.

Come see for yourself and enjoy all that we have to offer you here at the farm.

This barn is open all year round 

Located in Niagara County, at 6730 Lake Road, Appleton, NY 14008

When you visit the Legacy Barn you’ll find our delicious garlic (when in season) and of course, our famous Tart Cherry Juice on the shelves right next to some wonderful products made by other local businesses.  Merchants that call the Legacy Barn home include:

Blackman Homestead Farm ~ from Lockport ~ All Natural Fruit Butters and Spreads

Reciprocal Roots ~ Herbs & Wellness Teas

New Day Coffee ~ from NorthTonawanda ~ Direct Trade, Fair Trade, Organic Coffees

Fiegel Apiaries ~ from Appleton ~ Raw and Traditional Honey


Wendel Farm ~ from East Concord ~ Maple Syrup and Sugar

Humble House Gardens ~ from Gasport ~ All Natural Soaps and Lotions Made from Goat’s Milk

Karma Sauce ~ from Pittsford ~ Hot Sauces and Salsas

Edie Goodnight ~ from Wilson ~ Wax Candles



The Legacy Barn also carries a range of culinary items including equipment for garlic preparation, books on garlic and homemade baked goods.  Our baked specialties are:

7-Grain Cherry Cookies
Tom’s Ultimate Cherry Pie
Gluten Free Cherry Tart

We also serve coffee and tea during the summer months.



From 1840 to 21st century

We needed to give our pre civil war barn a new lease on life, but it was important to us that we did it in a way that allowed us to live more gently on this earth.  So, in 2010 we set to work on building the Legacy Barn as our green retail space using several forms of eco friendly modern and traditional sustainable building methods.

From solar thermal panels to provide heat and hot water, to using straw bales as insulation for the walls, we have explored and learned a lot about ‘green’ building while transforming this old barn into a modern ecologically resilient building.