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Prebiotics & Probiotics: a workshop & lunch - online payment


Farmer and researcher, Tom Szulist of Singer Farm Naturals will share his knowledge on the subject of the microbiome.
The fascinating field of the Human Biome is now mainstream. The low cost of DNA sequencing has made available new a understanding of these essential microbes, and the role they play in our physical and mental health.

Herbalist, Kristin Grohman of Reciprocal Roots, will explain which herbs are most accessible and best to incorporate into your eating practices.

Support for our gut biome isn’t out of reach. In fact, its right in our own back yard. Through an understanding of Herbal Medicine we can extract important Prebiotic constituents that provide food for the Probiotics! Just as plants enrich the soil in which they grow, they also nourish us! They enable our inner ecosystems to thrive.

this six hour worksop will include:

  • participatory lunch with and understanding of microbes and mindful eating
  • notes and further reading info
  • access to Kristin and Tom’s wealth of up to date knowledge & ancient wisdom

Date:  Sunday, July 1st

Time:  10am - 4pm

Location:   The Legacy Barn,  Singer Farm Naturals,  6730 Lake Rd, Appleton NY 14008

Contact:   SFN: 716-778-7077 ~

Fee:   $50 per person

** if the cost of this workshop is prohibitive for you, please give Tom a call to see if we can work something out - we very much want to have our sharing to be inclusive